Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent Video Game Work

Here is some recent work (2009) that I did over at Massive Black that I am now allowed to show.

Here's a Game Informer cover I worked on with Mike Bierek for Visceral's Dead Space 2. The basic background and unposed, untextured space suit were provided by Visceral.

Here are a couple of BioShock 2 marketing images I worked on with the help of our 3D team who modeled, textured, and posed the characters. Composition, background elements, lighting, special effects, and additional painting were my job on these.

Here are a couple of character concepts for a project by Emotiv. Emotiv is researching the power of the mind, allowing you to control. I got to try it - it's pretty cool :)

Here is the box cover art for Cursed Mountain by Deep Silver.

Here are some character illustrations and concepts for Konami and Climax's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.