Thursday, February 19, 2009

ConceptArt.Org Dallas Workshop

Hey everyone. is hosting another of it's workshops. This time it's in Dallas, Texas at the end of March.

For those of you not familiar with the workshops, they are geared toward people interested in art, illustration, and entertainment art and is open to professionals, students, and hobbyists alike. is a non profit organization dedicated to helping both new and experienced artists grow and evolve as well as help protect artists from a rapidly changing (and not always friendly) industry environment. All proceeds from the workshop go to supporting ConceptArt.Org's website and events.

You can find out more about the workshop and how to attend here.

Here's a giant instructor list:

Marko Djurdjevic - Illustrator-Concept Artist- Marvel
Jason Chan - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black/ConceptArt.Org
El Coro-Art Director - Massive Black Inc.
Justin Sweet- Art Director/Illustrator/Concept Artist - Carbon Canyon Studios
Vance Kovacs - 2d/3d Concept Artist/Art Director/Illustrator - Carbon Canyon Studios
Frank Beddor- Producer/Writer/Creator- Automatic Pictures (Something About Mary, Looking Glass Wars)
Paul Jaquays- Senior Artist- Ensemble Studios (Independent)
Dan Milligan- Storyboard Artist - Independent
Andrew Jones - Massive Black/ConceptArt.Org
J.E. Sawyer - Lead Designer - Obsidian Entertainment
Jason Manley - President Massive Black/ConceptArt.Org
Jeff Brown - Senior Animator- LucasArts
Brett Briley- 3D Character Artist - id software
Alex Velazquez - 3D Character Artist - id software
Wes Burt - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black
Noxizmad - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black
Chris Hatala - Animation Director - Massive Black
James Kei - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black
Carl Dobsky - Founder ConceptArt Atelier / Fine Artist
Kemp Remillard - Sr. 2d/3d Concept Artist - Massive Black
Rich Doble - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black
Sam Brown - 2D/3D Concept Artist - Massive Black
Dan Staton- 3D Studio Director - Massive Black Shanghai
Phil Holland - Cinematographer- Rhythm and Hues
Nick Constantine - Sr. Concept Artist - Massive Black
Whit Brachna- Concept Artist- Massive Black
David Levy - Senior Concept Artist - Steambot
Sammy Hall- Concept Artist - Nintendo
Brad Clark - Technical Artist/Animator - Independent
Greg Manchess - Illustrator
Irene Gallo - Art Director - Tor
Jon Foster - Illustrator
Limbert Fabian - Art Director/Gallery Curator - Reel FX
John Mueller - Art Director - THQ
Dave Dorman - Illustrator - Independent
Aleksi Briclot - Art Director - DontNod Entertainment
Lorne Lanning - Creative Director/Executive- Oddworld Inhabitants
Sherry McKenna - CEO - Oddword Inhabitants
Vitaliy Naymushin - 3d Character Artist - id software
Christopher Appelhans- Senior Concept Artist -
Jason Felix - Artist - Independent
Marshall Vandruff - Artist/Educator - Independent
Michael Mentler- Artist/Educator - Independent
Shawn Barber - Fine Artist/Educator/illustrator - Independent
Kevin Llewellyn - Fine Artist - Independent
William Whitaker - Master Painter- Independent
Mike Bierek - Concept Artist - Massive Black
Mikko Kinnunen - Concept Artist - Bioware