Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Old Stuff

Hey guys, here's some old stuff that I haven't gotten around to showing yet. More to come later.
This is a cover I did for Imagine FX June 2007. It was a special issue with four different covers. Each cover was based off of a classic masterpiece. My piece was based off of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus." Looking back on the image almost a year later, I'm pretty happy with a lot of the elements, but there are a few things that are screaming to be fixed :P I'm really not happy with how I painted the woman on the bottom right. Maybe one day I'll go back and fix it... Or not.

This is a cover I did for the book Lucifers F├Žngsel (Lucifer's Prison), published by Phabel, a Danish publishing company. I don't think a scene like this ever takes place in the book, but it was fun to paint and I'm glad that they liked the idea. It's really cool when publishers and authors just let you run with ideas :)